Indexed Journals

Theoretical & Applied Science

pISSN 2308-4944
eISSN 2409-0085
International Academy of Theoretical & Applied Sciences

Science Editing

pISSN 2288-8063
eISSN 2288-7474
Korean Council of Science Editors

Icontech Journal

eISSN 2717-7270
Icontech Society

The Russian Academic Journal

pISSN 2221-9544
eISSN 2221-9544
Institute of Political and Mediametric Studies

Tourism Education Studies and Practice

pISSN 2312-0037
eISSN 2409-2436
Academic Publishing House Researcher

Pearson Journal

eISSN 2717-7386
Pearson Publishing House

Science, Technology and Arts Research Journal

pISSN 2226-7522
eISSN 2305-3372
Wollega University

South Asian Journal of Life Sciences

eISSN 2311-0589
Nexus Academic Publishers

Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences

pISSN 2039-9340
eISSN 2039-2117
Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research

Gobeklitepe Journal of Medical Sciences

pISSN 2757-6221
eISSN 2757-6221
Gobeklitepe Publishing Group

International Journal of Agriculture, Environment & Biotechnology

pISSN 2230-732X
eISSN 0974-1712
New Delhi Publishers

Ispec Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities

pISSN 2717-7262
eISSN 2717-7262
Ispec Institute

Economic Affairs

pISSN 0424-2513
eISSN 0976-4666
New Delhi Publishers

Ejons Journal

eISSN 2602 – 4136
Ejons Publication

Polymer Korea

pISSN 0379-153X
eISSN 2234-8077
The Polymer Society of Korea

Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition

pISSN 1226-3311
eISSN 2288-5978
The Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition

Digital Communication Journal

pISSN 2757-5780
eISSN 2757-5780
Dr. Hasan CİFTCİ

Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society

pISSN 2234-0491
eISSN 1229-7801
The Korean Ceramic Society

Euroa Asia Journal

eISSN 2667-6702
Euroasia Institute

Journal of The Korean Astronomical Society

pISSN 1225-4614
eISSN 2288-890X
The Korean Astronomical Society

Mas Journal of Applied Sciences

eISSN 2757-5675
Mas Publishing House

Korean Journal of Environmental Agriculture

pISSN 1225-3537
eISSN 2233-4173
The Korean Society of Environmental Agriculture

Journal of the Korean institute of surface engineering

pISSN 1225-8024
The Korean Institute of Surface Engineering

JournalSocrates Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Studies

eISSN 2757-5519
Socrates Publishing House

New Era Journal

eISSN 2757-5608
New Era Scientific Research Group

Cadernos de Educação, Tecnologia e Sociedade

eISSN 2316-9907
Victor F. A. Barros

AASRI Procedia

eISSN 2212-6716

Cognitive Processing

pISSN 1612-4782
eISSN 1612-4790

Applied Mathematics & Optimization

pISSN 0095-4616
eISSN 1432-0606

Algebra and Logic

pISSN 0002-5232
eISSN 1573-8302
Novosibirsk State University and Institute of Mathematics

Service & Tourism: Current Challenges

pISSN 1995-0411
Russian State University of Tourism and Service

The Journal of World Women Studies

eISSN 2717-7211
Women Institute

International Journal of Physiotherapy

pISSN 2349-5987
eISSN 2348-8336

International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences (IJPBS)

eISSN 0975-6299

Euro Asia Journal of Social Sciences & Humaniaties

eISSN 2651-5261
IEDSR Association

International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering

pISSN 2229-5631
eISSN 0975-3397
Engg Journals Publications

Ijer International Journal of Economic and Administrative Academic Research

pISSN 2757-959X
eISSN 2757-959X
Rahim Arslan

Agrivita, Journal of Agricultural Science (AJAS)

pISSN 0126-0537
eISSN 2302-6766
Faculty of Agriculture University of Brawijaya Indonesia

Indian Journal of Science and Technology

eISSN 0974-5645
Prof. Natarajan Gajendran


eISSN 2667-8810
Rahmat Ullah

Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

eISSN 0975-7384
Dr C S Sharma

Ambiente & Água – An Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Science

eISSN 1980-993X
Institute for Environmental Research in Hydrographic Basins (IPABHi)

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology

pISSN 1992-8645
eISSN 1817-3195
Little Lion Scientific

Investigaciones Europeas de Dirección y Economía de la Empresa

eISSN 1135-2523
Academia Europea de Dirección y Economía de la Empresa (AEDEM) / Elsevier

Asiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature

eISSN 1985-3106
International Islamic University Malaysia

Journal of Political Studies

pISSN 1994-1080
eISSN 2308-833
Department of Political Science

Ispec Journal of Agricultural Studies

eISSN 2717-7238
Department of Political Science