Journal Submission

Scientific Quality:

Percentage of original papers published in last year.
Citation count of papers in particular Year.

Quality of references used in published papers.

Indexation of journal in various databases and directories.

Technical quality:

Accessibility of paper (Free or paid)

Availability of information, editorial, table of contents, abstracts, full text articles.

The tools used to manage bibliography.

Editorial Quality:

Numbers of International Editorial Board Members

Information on Cover Page: title, ISSN, frequency, volume / number / month / year

Editorial Member information on the website

Contact and address information of editor and publisher.

Manuscript/Publishing Quality:

Number of international authors.

Degree of popularity of the journal among the international researcher.

Availability and structure of paper format and copyright format.

Quality of photos and illustrations, graphs and tables, as well as the ability to print in color and quality of the paper.

Language of publication.

Information regarding Plagiarism Policy.

Detailed guidelines / instructions for authors.

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